Revit Detail Numbers

Detail Numbers is a Revit addin which streamlines, and simplifies the re-numbering of viewports on a sheet with the click of a mouse instead of having to manually set the viewports detail number parameter, bypassing the pesky error message “Detail Number is already in use. Enter a unique number.” After selecting the Detail Numbers addin button the user simply selects the viewports in sequence starting with 1, and presses the Esc key to re-number all of the viewports in the order that they were selected.

By default Revit automatically assigns each viewport a detail number based on the order which it is placed onto a sheet.  Often the initial value that Revit assigns to the viewport needs to be modified as the sheet layout and viewport location are changed. At the first attempt at changing a viewport detail number users are usually confronted with an error dialogue box stating  “Detail Number is already in use. Enter a unique number.” which necessitates changing all values to be renumbered to a pseudo value in order to free its current value for use, which latter has to be changed again, before the user is able to assign the viewport its desired value.

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* please note that everything posted is a work in progress, or just a small step in the right direction. If something doesn’t work or wish to provide feed-back please do not hesitate to comment below or reach me through the contact page.

No payment is required to download or use the Detail Numbers Addin, but friendly contributions are gladly received!

Thanks and enjoy!

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